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This has been my job for a long, long time. Maybe I can’t do another thing, because all my life I’ve been sewing. It’s not that hard, this is my job, easy. I’m from Malaysia. I came to New Zealand in 1990. The first time, it was for a holiday, and then I thought, this is a nice place with nice people here. So I thought I would see what will happen.

I’m from Auckland. I was born and raised in Whanganui. I tell people I’m in the fashion industry and then explain I work for Zambesi. I’m a sample machinist. I started off at the Wanganui Woollen Mills. I think I always used to like sewing, I used to dress my dolls. I used to hand sew nice garments together for the dolls. I was about 7 or 8.

My father was Ukranian, my mother was Greek but born and brought up in Russia. My mother and her cousin thought the war was over in the early 40s and they decided they would try to go to Germany to find work. When they got there they ended up in labour camps. That’s where she met my Father, who was hiding out. It was a labour camp, so she learnt to sew uniforms there for the German army. It might be where she learnt to sew for all I know.