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please stop asking me WHEN i’m going to have kids

Is there something in the air? Is it because it’s Spring now? Why do people feel like it’s all good to assume because you’re in a relationship, that you’re just biding time before you can have kids? It’s awesome if you want them, but surely it’s also awesome if you don’t?! Why does everyone think it’s funny if you say you’re not really into it? I mean, what if it’s not possible for you to have children?! Last time I checked it was 2018. Is it not rude, yet, to ask women these questions?

Apparently not.

The secret diary of katherine lowe, aged 33 and 1 week*

I am 33, and I am feeling it. Every day I wake up - late, I stare at my 33 year old face in the mirror. My 33 year old face with its 33 year old skin that for some reason, still gets acne although I am long, long past puberty. I get into my car, I drive to work. I am 33 but I am on my Restricted License. Why? Because I'm scared of failing. If I don't attempt to sit my Full License, I can never fail. 

I went on the keto diet for 47 days and this is what happened

Nearly every day for 47 days I would wake up, pee on a Keto stick (like a pregnancy test, but to tell you if your body is producing Ketones or not), stand on the scales and measure my bust, waist and lower hip. The first few days I felt weird. I went back and read the diary today, it says on Day 2: "Is this diet giving me the shits?". (By Day 11, my diary entry read "It's been 4 days since I last pooped. Maybe I will never poop again.")