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Snacks and Chats S02E03 - David Dallas

David Dallas talks about his identity as a Samoan/Palagi afakasi growing up in South Auckland and how that shaped him and his music. He talks about being a rap and computer nerd, a music pirate, and how Sirvere and DLT's The True School show on Max TV influenced and informed his knowledge of rap. He also goes deep about his latest album Hood Country Club, why long time collaborators Fire & Ice were tougher on him this album, and why the album was more difficult to write than others. 

I Thought I Recognised Her - Olivia Laita

Olivia Laita talks about finding her way back to her Samoan culture and the reason behind why she decided to get her malu. She explains why she studied chemistry right up to the doctorate level, jumping right into graffiti along the way, to later finding her calling in Arts Management, and how her science background helps with this.

Welcome to Rally

Lani: Kath, we have to do this intro thing.

Kath: Is it weird that we are sitting next to each other and doing this?

Lani: Yup.

Kath: Lol. The question I have got the most about Rally, is "What is it about?"

Lani: Oh man. WHAT IS IT ABOUT?