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Highs and Low(e)s

This time in Highs and Low(e)s: Self-mutilation gone RIGHT (?!), speaking things into existence, models, and Fortnite - the game that ends relationships.

Highs and Low(e)s, Feb 18 2018

It's 3:03pm on Sunday the 18th of February, which is, fun fact: a day before my high school ex boyfriend's birthday, and three days after my current boyfriend's (and six days after my mom's). More importantly, the 18th of February 2018 is over a month since the last time either Lani or I posted on this site, the thought of which is giving me a mild level of anxiety.

Highs and Low(e)s

On my old blog, I used to do a weekly segment of my Highs and Lows of the week. It was basically a list of oversharing and first world problems and I called it Highs and Low(e)s because my last name is Lowe and I thought I was being clever. I used to put lots of other posts on that blog, but Highs and Low(e)s seem to be the most popular thing for people to read so I thought I should continue it here on Rally.