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The end of summer

Because it's been getting a little cooler and the sun hasn't been as strong, it's been a great time to shoot. We have this Australian model in town at the moment. Her name is Sabine and this is a little bit of a strange thing to say but she has an incredible energy. I met her and I understand the meaning of 'positive aura'. I asked my brother James if he would do a few pics of her and of course he delivered.

Coat Season

Why do people like Winter? Winter in theory is cool - snuggling inside, movies by the fire, hot toddys, chicken pot pies and nice, more stylish clothes. That being said, everyone is forgetting about the fact that we are in rainy-as-fuck Auckland, you can't hang out your washing, your flatmate's 20 min showers are using up all the hot water, and the chicken pot pies don't help with the shred.