Snacks and Chats S03 E04 - Omar bin Musa

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Omar bin Musa is an Australian-Malaysian poet, writer, rapper, screenwriter and our first international guest on Snacks and Chats.

He talks with us about the experience of growing up brown, Asian and Muslim in Australia and how learning about Muhammad Ali changed the entire course of his life - from learning to love his brown skin to discovering hip hop. We also talk about how he transferred feelings of fury and frustration into his debut novel Here Come the Dogs, and the pain he poured into his latest album, 'Since Ali Died'.

What I’m doing feels like I’m waging a losing war most of the time. It’s very meagre. I’m making art. I’m making poems. I’m making songs. But it’s something. It’s something that challenges the status quo, and it’s something that might provide some relief to a kid like me who was growing up feeling lost and could have internalised that hatred and could have felt disempowered, maybe I give them a bit more bravery. And then they do that for someone else.
Leilani Momoisea