The end of summer

The end of summer


It's 4:42pm, Thursday 29 March, which is actually the day before Easter. I don't really believe in god so the long weekend isn't really meant for me but I will gladly take the time out of the agency. It's been a tiring time, lately. Actually, I kind of hate saying that because I'm SURE that telling people you're tired makes you more tired, kind of like how when you sleep too much, it makes you more sleepy. Also, I think it's a default thing that people say when they can't be fucked talk to you and they want to be rude but need an excuse for it... Anyway, having said that, I feel truly tired today, and I'm so excited to have four whole days to get my shit together, and for the first time in forever, I'm actually happy about daylight savings ending if only for the fact that I believe it is the universe's way of helping me get up earlier for work.

I'm a little bit sad about Easter also, and that's mainly because it marks the end of summer, my favourite time of year. Because it's been getting a little cooler and the sun hasn't been as strong, it's been a great time to shoot. We have this Australian model in town at the moment. Her name is Sabine and this is a little bit of a strange thing to say but she has an incredible energy. I met her and I understand the meaning of 'positive aura'. I asked my brother James if he would do a few pics of her and of course he delivered. We're siblings and we disagree on so many things so I often take James' talent for granted. He is truly such a great photographer (when he can be bothered take photos, lol). He is predominately an art photographer, not a fashion one, but look at these photos! He did it all himself, the styling (it's all her own clothes, his hat and current season Karen Walker), art direction, grading, retouching, everything. I love them. They have a great end of summer vibe. 

Happy Easter, guys.

PS: On a related note, James recently had an exhibition of his Masters work (he got an A+ in, by the way), which includes a to scale replica of the first photo of the earth from outer space, that took over 16 hours in the darkroom to make (try and find the tiny earth), images of flowers that he somehow froze (I asked him, he didn't reply but I know it wasn't in the freezer, I just don't know how he did it), a photograph of an underground bunker which (and he probably will be mad I'm telling you but) is not actually a location that exists, but a set completely built (walls, everything) and dressed in the studio by James. 

He just told me they are going to keep the works up for an extra week, until the Friday 6 April, 2018, so if you want to see them, please do! The photos are exhibited at the All Press Gallery, 8 Drake Street, Freeman's Bay in Auckland. (The gallery is closed over Easter weekend but you can go on Tuesday!) 


Photography and Styling: 
James K Lowe
Sabine Jamieson @ Clyne

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