Highs and Low(e)s, Feb 18 2018

Highs and Low(e)s, Feb 18 2018

Liu Wen.   Photo/Kai Z. Feng for    Vogue China   , October 2009. 

Liu Wen. Photo/Kai Z. Feng for Vogue China, October 2009. 

It's 3:03pm on Sunday the 18th of February, which is, fun fact: a day before my high school ex boyfriend's birthday, and three days after my current boyfriend's (and six days after my mom's). More importantly, the 18th of February 2018 is over a month since the last time either Lani or I posted on this site, the thought of which is giving me a mild level of anxiety. 

I can't speak for Lani, but this year has really just cranked for me. Where did January go? I started off pretty gung-ho with great intentions for this website, but then work has basically been the busiest it's ever been for five weeks solid, and honestly, who knows what happened? We both went to a 'Shut Up and Write' event at the end of January (literally an event where you sit in a room in silence and write for a timed hour) and in that I started two posts for Rally - one was about the demise of Smokefree Stage Challenge and one was about how I thought a lady was being racist towards me but both pieces of writing had no real ending and they're both sitting there in the drafts, gathering dust. Cool story.

So here we are, well past half way into the second month of the year and I am just logging in again. It's 26 degrees and 71 percent humidity and I'm lying on my bed with the balcony doors open, in a sportsbra that has that weird smell of washing that has taken too long to dry. The insect buzz is loud and constant like the white noise app you put on for babies when you want them to sleep and all of it makes me feel like taking a nap but NO, I am HERE and I am writing my Highs and Low(e)s of this year so far, even if it kills me. Here we go:


  1. Last Saturday I was completely fine and all was normal and then I lay on the couch, as you do, and my left lower back started hurting, and it hurt all night, I kept waking up because of it. Both my dad and one of the models at work had told me about this mysterious guy in Epsom who used to fix people in the war (don't know if this is true or not) and said he was a Naturopath type guy and could fix it, I would just have to take him cash and he would fix it. My dad swears he spent over $300 on physios before he saw this guy who fixed him in two mins for like, $50. Anyway, I went to go see him the day after (last Sunday) and he got me to lie down and pushed a few things around in my back and told me I had put something out of alignment and he had put it back and I was pretty skeptical as it still kind felt niggly when I left but guess what, by evening I was cured. Mental!
  2. I have a few thing I want to achieve in 2018, including starting and finishing 'A Little Life' (I'm only up to page 58) and getting my Full Drivers License (... No progress here) - both of which will probably take me several more months - but one that I am doing this week is joining an adult contemporary dance class (LOL!). I always wanted to do it and guess what, I AM, even though I'm pretty sure I will be mocked for it. I signed up for it and paid and everything. Go me. 
  3. I read this ITG article back in October and subsequently decided to order some Grandelash and even though my package didn't arrive for literally 10  weeks, I have to just let everyone know my eyelashes are the longest they have ever been so it WORKS!
  4. My slow start to 'getting my shit together for 2018' can be remedied by changing it all to 'getting my shit together for YEAR OF THE DOG'! Lunar New Year comes to the rescue! 
  5. I'm not a very good baker (too impatient, not precise enough) but I recently made these Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies (I didn't make the ice-cream to go with them) and I want to share the recipe as it requires very little effort (ie. put everything in your mixer bowl, push go, put in oven) and they turn out great. 
  6. Did anyone watch Israel Adesanya (aka 'The Stylebender') fight last weekend? I mean, I'm actually not into watching fighting so I never watch this stuff but I have met the guy like, twice, and he is pretty charismatic and he's friends with people we know so I did and it was cool, I mean, it was disgusting because I don't really love watch people getting fucked up, but I was happy for him! Anyway, good opportunity to plug Lani's Snacks and Chats interview with him which is interesting and funny and cool
  7. I Marie-Kondo-folded all my gym gear into one drawer and now I can say they're right - it works. 
  8. The tiramisu tart at Coffee Pen


  1. I'm going to get roasted for putting this in the Low(e)s, but when did literally everyone I know start having babies? Before, no one had babies (except Ben), and now it's like there are a couple of us left who don't. It's like us who don't, are the RARE ones. What the hell happened?
  2. I went to dinner with my ex-boyfriend from over 10 years ago and this is so weird because back then it would never have crossed my mind to even say or anything or consider that anything he said was racist because I thought it was just like, how people were (?) or something, but now I'm older and it's 2018 and times have changed, it's so OBVIOUS! Get this: he said to the Japanese waitress at the Japanese restaurant we were at, (as a joke, but still, not funny): "me so hungry"! Same thing also happened with my friend (who doesn't live here now but was visiting recently) - we had lunch and I was holding his baby (see? They all have babies now) and someone said something like 'see? You look good with the baby! Now doesn't this make you want your own baby?' (Like how everyone does in these situations if you're a woman, for some fucking reason, like you've not got other shit to do than want a baby??) and I said 'haha, does this look like my baby?' (as a joke, I mean, the baby is white) and he said (to the baby) 'we just have to make your eyes like this and then it will!' (he did the eye squinting motion). I think there's much more to say about this in a way more articulate way, probably in its own blog post rather than this weird Highs and Low(e)s thing but all I can think lately is how are so many of my friends racist? WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. COOL COOL COOL COOL COOL. 
  3. I had a really sub-par dinner for Chinese/Lunar New Year and I kind of want to write about where it was at but I feel bad. I mean, this was a very average meal. I would be able to recommend one of the 10 dishes we had. ONE. Instead of writing about this place, I will instead tell you where I had a great Chinese meal and direct you there, and that is at Golden Garden on Dominion Road. 
  4. The never-ending pimple. WHY?
  5. I have three weeks to do my taxes. 
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