I Miss You When You're Gone

I Miss You When You're Gone

After we heard of the sudden death of Dolores O’Riordan, Shirl and I began reminiscing about our favourite The Cranberries songs. These are our memories, and our faves:

I remember buying “No Need To Argue” when I was in Singapore visiting my family in the mid 90s. CDs were so much cheaper over there than in NZ so I would try and stock up. I played that album non-stop on that trip. I was a classic emo teenager with my 10-up docs and maroon lipstick. The Cranberries were the perfect soundtrack to my life. - Shirl

I knew all the big singles by The Cranberries from their first album, but I spent an entire summer listening to their second and third albums, No Need To Argue and To The Faithful Departed, back to back, one album after the other, on repeat. My sister Talia must have bought the albums, and I would have 'borrowed' them for a few months. For some reason I can clearly remember listening to the albums on my portable CD player while I did the dishes, probably singing loudly and off-key, probably sad about a boy, and definitely an emo teen. - Lani


The first Cranberries song that made me fall in love with them. Delores was inspired to write this song based on a night out at some club, met some boy, pashed on the dance floor and the next week he was pashing some other girl. Could totally relate at the time. - Shirl

(They Long To Be) Close to You

This is off a Carpenters tribute compilation, I bought the album from some random music store in Royal Oak mall. I was obsessed with The Carpenters growing up and combined with my fave 90s bands was mind-blowing at the time. - Shirl

Ode To My Family

Their second album kicks off with this song which is such a contrast to Zombie. Love the video for this. - Shirl.

This is one of my faves too. The lyrics 'Cause we were raised, to see life as fun and take it if we can,' always stood out to me, as it does each time she seems to jump from thought to thought and start to delve deep only to stop herself and ask each time 'Does anyone care?' - Lani


Dreams featured in the 90s TV show “My So Called Life”, man I loved that show so much, it might’ve been how I first heard it. One of my fave parts is at the end when Dolores’ boyfriend at the time joins her on "laaa-daaaa" while the band fades out, so good. - Shirl

When You’re Gone

Forgot how good this song is. “But I miss you when you're gone, that is what I do.” RIP Dolores. - Shirl.

This song is a stone cold classic for me. Her performance is so mean this entire song, especially when she sings the chorus. I also love the lyric, 'And in the day, everything's complex, there's nothing simple, when I'm not around you,' maybe it's the way she says the word 'complex', I dunno, shit is cool. And she looks choice af in her video too - Leilani

There's No Need To Argue Anymore

The title track for their second album, There's No Need To Argue Anymore closes out the album with this beautiful whisper of a song. This song is the resignation you feel at the end of a long fight you know no one is going to win. It's loving and letting go because you're too tired to hold on. "The thing that makes me mad, is the one thing that I had. I knew, I knew, I'd lose you." - Lani


This is such a lovely, waltzy song remembering young, carefree love, and one of my faves from To The Faithful Departed.  - Lani

The Rebels

Shirl doesn't know this song, but I feel like she should - because it's made for her. It's dripping with teenage 90s nostalgia.

"Seems like yesterday we were 16
We were the rebels of the rebel scene
We wore Doc Martens in the sun
Drinking vintage cider having fun." 

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