Rally loves Chelsea Jade. We've been bumping her infectious, sad-but-sounds-happy pop tunes for time. We admire her clever lyricism, have been known to copy her dance-moves, and are big fans of her music videos - always so carefully constructed and meticulously thought out. So, we're super stoked to be premiering the video for Ride or Cry here. The tragic, then triumphant, back-story from Chelsea herself: 

"After undertaking months of solo work on the supporting artwork and videos for my debut record, a late night of editing resulted in a fateful slip of my hard drive to my hard wood floor (no i didn't have a backup and I know I'm an idiot. It was just $100 I simply didn't have at the time). I lost everything except my album masters. 

THEN I remembered that I'm a total dork and as a result of shooting everything by myself/the crew consisting of x1 tripod, I had used my iphone to fantasy film the raw footage as I played it back on my laptop before I lost everything, adding the camera angles and zooms that I would have tried if I actually had resources and a crew. 

This video is composed of those few, measly clips and the finished result is to signify me 'getting back on the horse' as it were, after losing all of my hard work. I know it's rough but I think it's good to put the unkempt version of yourself/your work out there sometimes, if it means being honest."