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Abdul Kay says he's no stranger to being online and being an attention seeker, so the exposure he gained following his 64 Bars appearance, and the subsequent praise heaped on him was everything he wanted and expected. But, it's been over a year since that bold arrival, and it's time to consolidate that strong start. His new single 'Right Now' looks set to do that.

"This new song is probably one of the more confident and ambitious songs on the [upcoming] project. You might hear it, and then you'll go 'damn, that guy makes me want to be ambitious.' It's just saying, OK, it's time. We've played around for too long. Let's get it."

"When I started the process of making the EP, the shit that was coming the easiest was very down-buzz, introspective songs. There was no kind of single. As soon as I wrote the first line [to this song] I was like, OK, I think this is the one that's gonna be the explosive one. So I just tried to put everything into that."

Leilani Momoisea