Highs and Low(e)s.




  1. One of my best friends, Maddy Budd, is moving back to New Zealand (for now) and she arrives tomorrow! Tomorrow morning! Tomorrow morning at like 6.15am! I'm pumped! (But not enough to actually get up and meet her at the airport or anything. But still.)
  2. I don't know if I wrote about this already. but I'm obsessed with these videos of this guy, Brad Leone, from Bon Appetit. He's kind of like a real life, less psycho version of Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If you like cooking and food and funny stuff, watch these!
  3. Last night I saw Good Time at the NZ International Film Festival and it's kind of stupid to tell you to watch it now because they aren't screening it but I get a feeling it will become available later this year so keep it in mind. A thoroughly enjoyable watch and I stayed awake the entire time which is kind of a big thing for me lol.
  4. Cool sweater (above). I have $26 in my bank account right now but I get paid on Tuesday. Should I get it?


  1. Ben is next to me and he keeps sniffling, and I'm 90% sure he's on the verge of that flu everyone is getting where they vomit for 48 hours and can't get out of bed. He is too close to me. I cannot get sick.
  2. Today I had all the best intentions - I had planned to wake up and go to the gym, and do some errands and basically get my life organised, but instead I snoozed my alarm about three hundred times, and then when I finally got up, I had a shower, cooked eggs and then went BACK to bed, then half started some work that has a really close deadline (why, why didn't I finish it???), went to my mom's place, ate one piece of chocolate which turned into half a block (goodbye Keto) and then went home and got back into bed. Basically I feel like a piece of shit. 
  3. I went to the doctor last Monday for a check up and part of the reason I went was to find out if doing the keto diet for 2 and a bit months had fucked up my cholesterol. Anyway, she gave me a bit of paper to go get a blood test but I'm scared of needles and ESPECIALLY scared of needles going into veins so I haven't been to get the test and there you go. 
  4. A few weeks ago I bought a mirror for our room - like one that goes on the wall. A long one, I don't know what you call them, full-length or whatever. Anyway, it's propped up against the wall right now, I haven't hung it up and that is purely because I am convinced it is distorted. SURELY I do not look like that?! I want a refund!
Katherine Lowe