Highs and Low(e)s

The Clyne Model Management NZFW Show Package for 2017. 

The Clyne Model Management NZFW Show Package for 2017. 


  1. I know I complain a lot about fashion week, but holy moly it is my most productive time of year. My boss said to me recently that fashion week is where I switch on. It's true. It's like it's just the right amount of work that I will just hoon through it. I will cry like 5 times between now and the end of the month but the rest of the time I will be high from the pressure. I'm THRIVING guys, THRIVING.
  2. On the note of fashion week, not sure if you know but I work for a modelling agency, and the main fashion week model casting was on Saturday, and as part of the casting, each agency presents a 'package' of models that are available/they are pushing for fashion week. Each model has a comp card and agencies don't go that hard out here, but overseas, a bit of time and effort goes into these fashion week comp cards to make them look good and special or whatever. ANYWAY, I spent a lot of time and energy making our comp cards and packaging this year and it's the best one I think I have ever done. Go me.
  3. Last week I had a model stay with me for a couple of days, she is from Dunedin and her and her parents gave me some South Island treats for having her, and one of them was this dark chocolate that is SO GOOD and it has only two ingredients in it - cacao and sugar. Anyway, the brand is Ocho and I think if you are a chocolate person you should def try it. 
  4. Been taking vitamins all year, haven't gotten sick once so I'm pretty sure they work. Touch wood. 


  1. I fell off hard this week. I've eaten more sugar this week than I've eaten this whole year. If I didn't have my period (OVERSHARE!) I'd be worried I was bloody pregnant or something, the sugar cravings are mental.
  2. I got pissed on today. Like, literally pissed on. You might've seen it in my instagram story (or if you haven't, it'll still be there til like, 10am tomorrow morning), but for those who haven't, Ben's sister's baby was sitting on my lap and then suddenly it feels super warm in my lap and I lift the baby and I see his nappy has leaked and he has literally pissed over my entire crotch of my jeans. I mean, there's not much more I can say about it. 
  3. Why are 90% of male models so shit at like, doing their job?
Katherine Lowe