Highs and Low(e)s

Some Dunkirk image I found on the internet. 

Some Dunkirk image I found on the internet. 


  1. Lani is currently living at my house and she just made chocolate chip cookies! This is great!
  2. Dunkirk. Have you seen it yet? It's so intense so if you're highly strung like me, you will probably come out feeling exhausted but it's a beautifully told story and it looks incredible. 
  3. Had dinner at Culprit and it was really good. Highly recommend. It's kind of like white person yum cha, as in the entreés come around on a trolley, which I'm not sure how I feel about, BUT the food is good and the drinks are good, A+, would trade again. 
  4. For several months I have been on the waitlist for those Gucci Jordaan loafers that everyone has, and yeah, everyone has them, blah blah I know, they're played out or whatever, but I feel like I'll wear them forever regardless. Anyway, I have been to three different countries and my size has been sold out in all those places, and I've been on the god damn waitlist in Auckland for my size for literally 8 and a half months (I'm STILL on that waitlist), but my mom is so nice, she is in Melbourne at the moment and she went to the store there and they have my size and she got them for me and she is now going to get the duty back on them so now I won't owe her a gazillion dollars, only a gazillion dollars minus tax (10%)! Yay! Lol. Also shout out to my dad who also went to the store in Europe to see if they were cheaper there (they aren't). 
  5. Been doing a bit of boxing lately, as a person who isn't really into boxing or the idea of fighting, it's surprising how great it feels to hit things. 


  1. Yesterday I had coffee with my friend at a café and I had a chocolate torte type thing. Then I got home and I had a piece of fudge. Then I had fruit and some bread. I mean, this sounds entirely normal and it is pretty normal but for someone who has basically had no sugar for 2 months, it was kind of crazy. Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling kind of average and was generally just physically and mentally fucked and I'm convinced it was the sugar. 
  2. I have this article due tomorrow and I haven't done it.