Highs and Low(e)s

The view from my new apartment. . 

The view from my new apartment. . 


  1. I moved from a house to an apartment over the weekend and with the downsize in space, we have had to really go ham with a.) getting rid of things/giving them away, and b.) being organised with what we do have, which leads me to this: plastic boxes. Mate, I have gone crazy on plastic containers and boxes. Over the last two days we have purchased more than 20 plastic containers of various sizes to go on the inside of drawers, under the bed, in the pantry, everywhere. I'm obsessed and it feels great. 
  2. The feeling you get when you have less stuff. My old flatmate always used to tell me to 'lighten my life' by throwing away shit and I was always like 'yeah yeah yeah' but IT REALLY WORKS!
  3. This video from 2010 that my brother sent me, it's a story on the school lunches kids get in France it is so good. 
  4. Shopping for homewares.
  5. Can't stop listening to Sweet Creature and it's pissing everyone around me off, but I can't help it and I refuse to apologise. 
  6. Three weeks in and this ketogenic diet has really improved my energy levels. I sleep better and I don't really get tired in the day anymore! It's crazy. 


  1. So I moved house, you already know this and it's probably annoying to hear about it all the time but we hired some movers for 3 hours. They turned up with a huge truck and got everything on it and transported it to our new house and that was all good, except when they got to my new place (which is an apartment, several floors up), they couldn't really find a park outside so they put hazards on double lines and then told me that I had to help them move everything because of the parking situation. I kind of get it but I'm also kind of like... Did we not pay you to move our stuff? Why am I carrying chairs through security doors and then into the lift then out of the lift, then into my apartment? Is that not your job as movers?? Or am I wrong here?
  2. On the note of moving: wow, furniture is EXPENSIVE.
  3. This is such an overshare, but I stopped taking the contraceptive pill a few weeks ago to see what would happen to me (no, not trying to get pregnant - long story short, I watched Rose Matafeo's comedy show last month and she did this whole bit about how when you're on the pill, you're not the real you, and for some reason I started to think about it way too much and so I decided to see what would happen when I went off it and HELLO, about 4 days ago I got like 5 pimples in quick succession and IT IS THE WORST. Better go back on it. 
  4. I had a dream that my mom found out she had 10 days to live and it was super intense, she told me she was going to Sydney to get away and make the most of her final days and that I should go with her, and then for some reason (I mean, it was a dream), I couldn't get the time off work and she said goodbye to me and told me I had to live my life and do everything she would have loved to have done and I literally woke up in full tears and absolutely lost it. IS THIS RELATED TO THE PILL THING?!
  5. Forgot to write these Highs and Low(e)s yesterday because I forgot it was Sunday.