Highs and Low(e)s

Me at the end of last year. Photo/James K Lowe. `

Me at the end of last year. Photo/James K Lowe. `


  1. My dad went on a 'lifestyle/health retreat' like, last year or something, and he told me it was really great. I never really looked into it then but recently people have been bringing it up so I have looked into it. The place is called Gwinganna and it looks awesome! There's a gym, sauna, infinity pools, tennis courts, and all your meals are included in the package and organic. I mean, there's heaps more to say about it but I feel like it's easier for you to just go to the website here. 
  2. Only 1 week left of my keto diet. (I mean, that is if I stop doing it.) Originally I challenged myself to stick to it for at least a month, until the end of June and keep a diary every day of what I was eating and how it was affecting my life. I started it on Monday the 15th of May, so that takes us up to 6 weeks today. I am on the home stretch, I can't believe it. As an avid juice, pasta and rice consumer, it is mind-blowing that I got this far. 
  3. Did anyone else see Fargo Season 3?! What a fucking good show. 


  1. I've lost my ability to nap. I went through a really weird and bad sleep phase years and years ago, but came out it the other end with amazing sleeping habits. Like, I could literally be at an airport and sitting at a table with my head on my folded arms and sleep (I did it at Sydney International), I could sleep on planes easily, in cars, just anywhere really. Anyway, on Thursday I got up early to do pilates. It all went downhill from there. I went to bed really late (not tired) and had a broken sleep because I felt worried I would forget to wake up early to go to a workout, and then on Friday night I couldn't really get to sleep. Saturday I tried to nap in the middle of the day, I spent 3.5 hours in bed and nothing. I tried to sleep last night at 1am and ended up not being able to until after 3am. I got woken up at 6.20am and that was it, I was tired but I was up. What the fuck is wrong with me?! Now its 11.27pm and I don't feel tired, fml. 
  2. For a long time now, there's been Nike Training Club AKL - free group fitness sessions a few times a week in Auckland. I go a lot. Nike Training Club was the thing that really got me into fitness in the first place. Last week I found out that NTC AKL (and worldwide) is finishing up, with the last session being this Friday 30th June (you should come! It's free if you register here) . I feel really nostalgic about it. RIP NTC. 
  3. I wrote this post and didn't save it properly so this is the second time I'm doing it and I really CBF so I think I'll just finish it here. 
Katherine Lowe