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All Photos for Nike by Holly Burgess

All Photos for Nike by Holly Burgess

When Nike called me and asked me if I would be part of a shoot for a zine they were creating in conjunction with photographer Holly Burgess, as part of promo for the Nike Cortez, I basically just said "yeah yeah yeah, sweet" and hung up the phone without really even listening to what they had to say. I mean, I'm a busy person, I was in the middle of something and I've also got mad concentration issues these days (I blame the internet). Anywho, even though I wasn't exactly clued up about when I showed up on the shoot day, I am so glad I did get involved because it turned out what I was getting myself into, was a cool project involving a team of all female New Zealanders. 

The zine profiles nine women that, in Nike's words, "embody the constantly evolving face and attitude of young New Zealand women. They are unapologetic in their creative energy, unique style and powerful diversity. They live their lives with grit and energy and they are inspiring in vastly different ways." And according to them, I am one of those women. #stayhumble

These are some pics from the day, and below is a behind the scenes video from the shoot. To check out the other cool, talented ladies (lol, not posting their pics on this blog because I'm too self-centered), you can read the zine here

Happy Monday. 


“It's hard to say you're starting
a blog these days because it feels like everything has been said and done before. When our friend came up with the name "Rally" we knew
it was perfect. We loved the idea of rallying for something – being united for a cause. Rallying to tell other people's stories
as well as our own.” - me, lol. 


I'm wearing: Nike Pro Indy Cool bra, Cotton Cushion Crew socks and Cortez shoesGosha Rubchinskiy jacket, Acne skirt.

Photography: Holly Burgess
Styling: Margie Cooney
Hair and Makeup: Rebekah Banks