Highs and Low(e)s

An old photo of Princess Diana that James sent to me, no idea where it came from, but it's cool. 

An old photo of Princess Diana that James sent to me, no idea where it came from, but it's cool. 


  1. Did anyone see the end of The Leftovers? Is anyone watching The Leftovers? The whole thing was a huge mindf*ck for me, what in the world was going on there?! 
  2. Near my new house is a place called Coffee Pen. It's very small and it's obviously a coffee shop but it also serves food and has been highly recommended to me by lots of people that I think have good taste in coffee. Anyway, I have only had one coffee from there (which was really good) but I want everyone to go and support this guy because the food looks amazing and the place is super cute, and you know, support your local businesses and that. Check their instagram here
  3. Speaking of local places with good coffee, Goodness Gracious is doing 'A Can For A Coffee' on Tuesday 13th June, to support the Auckland City Mission. Pretty cool if you ask me. Just go in with a can of food, and they'll give you a coffee in return!
  4. Have you seen all the promo regarding the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0? I can't think of a cooler way to release a shoe. If you haven't read about it or seen it, read this article that explains it all. It is so good, I don't necessarily think I want to wear the shoes but I badly want to fly to New York just to do the obstacle course and check the whole thing out. 
  5. Having your own bathroom.
  6. Okay this is kind of full on but I came across the Thinx website and whilst the idea of period-ing straight into your underwear seems f*cking ridiculous, I will hand it to these guys, they are doing a great job, the branding is good, the voice is good, I give them props. 


  1. I know this whole keto diet is making me have more energy and feel less bloated and all this great stuff but my god I badly want an orange juice and a bowl of rice. Badly.
  2. I know my job is not your average 9am - 5pm and yes, some things are out of our control, there are lots of timezones to deal with and everything is always last minute so it's important to be able to be contactable all the time, but some (MOST) stuff can wait until the morning! I mean, thanks for letting me know at 10.01pm on a Friday night when I'm at a restaurant, that you are going on holiday in three months time and won't be available to work for four days, really glad you want me to note that down in your chart right now on what is technically the weekend, really glad you told me now instead of emailing me on Monday. -______-