Snacks and Chats S02E01 - Madeleine Sami

“Before doing Super City, I was frustrated at the type of work being offered. And to be honest, it was less about race and more about sexualisation and marginalisation of female parts ... Before you audition you’d have to sign a thing that says you’re willing to be nude. I’d just be like, 'Fuck this. This is bullshit.' My dude friends don’t have to do this shit, why am I putting all this work and effort into auditioning for a thing that I don’t even wanna do and I definitely don’t wanna get naked for, just because I need some money? I might as well just go fuck dudes on the street. And they weren’t interesting characters. They were just sexualised women in shitty shows.”

Actor, writer and director Madeleine Sami chats with Lani and Ben about growing up in Onehunga, the clash of cultures there, and how Onehunga High School has influenced her work, and the characters she's played. She discusses her Mum's staunch insistence on repping her Irish ancestry and how her South Auckland identity may have overshadowed her Fiji-Indian identity earlier on in life. They also talk about the role race and gender plays in the kind of work that's available to her, and why it can be necessary to create the roles you want to play for yourself.

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Leilani Momoisea