Talea and The Lost Collection

A couple years ago, David Dallas (my husband. lol.) decided to do a capsule collection with Def.

He asked Sheahan Huri to design it, and asked Nicole Miller-Wong to take some photos, and he asked me to help out with finding a model for the lookbook. I knew exactly who I wanted to use: Talea.

I'd seen her shot for Viva and thought she had the coolest look and vibe - a real laid-back, DGAF, confident Polynesian beauty. We went out and shot a bunch of photos and she killed it.

A couple weeks later Talea hits me up like, yo can you send me those pics? I reply: Yeah, should have em soon, I'll holla when they're ready! A few more weeks go past, and she's like, yo, where are those photos? I reply something like: Sorry man, just waiting for the online store to go up, should be soon! Two years later, here we are. 

Sorry about the two year wait Talea!

If you wanna know why it took so long for the ddot x def collection to come out (+ more lookbook shots) go here. If you wanna shop the collection, go here.


Shot by Nicole Miller-Wong at Hunters Plaza & Manukau Tennis Centre. Hair by Mark and Mya Henare. Make-up by Abby Gardiner.