Coat Season

All Photos/James K Lowe.

All Photos/James K Lowe.


Every morning since April 27th, I have woken up and peered out the bedroom window to see a film of water bubbling on its surface - a sure sign that we are fast approaching my least favourite time of the year: Winter. 

People love Winter. Yes - Winter in theory, is cool (lol) - there's ample opportunity for snuggling inside, movies by the fire (if you have one), hot toddys and chicken pot pies, and of course, the clothes are better.
I don't deny any of this, but you can make anything seem glamorous. Everyone is forgetting about the fact that we are in rainy-as-fuck Auckland, you can't hang out your washing, your flatmate's 20 min showers are using up all the hot water, and the chicken pot pies don't help with the shred. 

But the world is the world and seasons are seasons, and short of moving closer to the equator, I have to deal with it and I've found a great way to pass the time until November (SO FAR AWAY!) is to spend ages online looking at coats to add to the collection.

James recently took these photos of Lila Flowers in a new Karen Walker double breasted, hooded, tweed one that I came across and liked because it gives me a 'modernised Paddington Bear' vibe.
The shots are pretty nice, so I've decided to share. Happy viewing. 


Coat and Blouse: Karen Walker, Pants: stylists own

Photography and Styling: James K Lowe
Model: Lila Flowers @ Clyne