Highs and Low(e)s


  1. The feeling you get when you throw things out/give things away. It's like a person will take that pair of shoes you don't wear anymore, and immediately there is a feeling of weight lifting off your shoulders. So good.
  2. Sorry, I do have other things that were great this week, like I went to two birthday parties and I went out TWICE on top of those two times (to see both Sampha and David Dallas shows - both great), so that is a total of four times. That is a bloody record for me. Anyway, I do have other cool things that happened but I am moving house soon so I have to go pack and not write this blog post sorry bye. 


  1. My workplace moved offices to another part of town, so this whole week I have had to navigate myself to a new suburb that I haven't quite figured out the best driving route to and from yet. On Thursday, whilst trying a new way home, I got in the wrong lane, not knowing it wasn't right-turning. When I realised it wasn't right-turning, I indicated to get into the right lane, but no one would let me in. Then the light went green for me, and I was stuck going straight ahead. Straight ahead happened to be right onto the Southern motorway onramp. The Southern motorway onramp at rush-hour 5.40pm. I will never make that mistake ever again. 
  2. You don't know how much stuff you have until you have to move house, even if you have recently done a 'spring-clean'. 
  3. I went to two birthday parties on the weekend. One was a 30th, with a full platter spread of dips and bread and cheese and charcuterie and crackers, pretzels, birthday cake. The other was a two year old's party, complete with cheerios, sausage rolls, mandarins, popcorn and birthday cake. I couldn't eat any cake or anything. I was stuck on cheese and salami and water. The keto diet is NOT birthday friendly. (I do feel kind of bad complaining about this because the diet is a choice for me, but I still did get mad FOMO.)