Highs and Low(e)s


  1. My work is moving offices soon and my boss has put a rug in the new office and I don't like it but he loves it. Can I tell him?
  2. I have been sneezing all day. Is this hayfever or a cold?
  3. Speaking of colds, WINTER IS OFFICIALLY HERE, fml. 
  4. Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with Thirteen Reasons Why? I mean, why is everyone talking about it? (I am well aware of the fact that I am talking about it) Personally, I saw the hype and watched the first two episodes before getting bored and googling the ending. Do people rate this show? 
  5. I never change. When I was writing these 'Highs and Low(e)s' for my old blog, I would leave them to the last minute and be annoyed and stressed about having to do it. This time around I vowed to be more organised but hey, here I am at 10.15pm, panic-writing this in bed and feeling resentful about it all. Yay me.
  6. Why are people I'm friends with in 2017, racist? (Or maybe the question is, why am I friends with racist people?)


  1. Productivity levels have been quite high. Why is it that you can only get things done when you are busy as fuck? Why can you not do anything when you're not busy, when you're not busy you achieve LESS. Why is that? This should probably be a Low(e) of the week but I have too many Low(e)s and I don't want everyone to think I'm too complainy.

  2. I have booked three hand modelling jobs in my life - two of which were confirmed in the last month - and I think this is a sign that this is my calling. (Also, how depressing is it to be booked as a hand model - no one says it but everyone knows it means your face isn't good lol.)

  3. Moving house comes with some up sides. House furnishings are my new hobby. Please contact me if you have any great home-furnishing-on-the-cheap tips. My limited income is preventing me from buying the couch and bedside tables I want, not to mention a full Holly Houston Ceramics dining set. 
  4. Is anyone else watching Fargo or The Leftovers? The latter is fucking with my head but I love it. The former is just great, the end.
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