Highs and Low(e)s

Macy @ Clyne in my Everlane pants and Georgia Alice tee.  Photo/James K Lowe

Macy @ Clyne in my Everlane pants and Georgia Alice tee.  Photo/James K Lowe


On my old blog (the one that we can never speak of again), I used to do a weekly segment of my Highs and Lows of the week. It was basically a list of oversharing and first world problems and I called it Highs and Low(e)s because my last name is Lowe and I thought I was being clever. I used to put lots of other posts on that blog, but Highs and Low(e)s seem to be the most popular thing for people to read so I thought I should continue it here on Rally. Happy reading.


  1. Everlane's customer service. I made my first Everlane purchase a few weeks ago whilst they had free shipping to New Zealand. Firstly, I got the day heel which - full disclosure - I haven't taken out of the box, and secondly, a pair of the cropped, wide-leg pants which are actually the poor man's version of Jesse Kamm's sailor pant (which I still want, but in navy or this olive green). The pants are dope and super comfortable but the point of this whole spiel is that I spent ages measuring myself to figure out the right size pant to order. Long story short, I ended up ordering one size and changing my mind the next day, after they had already shipped the heels (the pants were on backorder). The person on the other end emailed me back to let me know that she thought I was right about the change in size, cancelled my pant order, and credited my account so I could go in at my leisure and reorder the size I wanted. Amazing. AND because the shoes had shipped for free during free shipping week separately to the pants, she credited my account for the amount it would cost to ship the pants, so I didn't have to pay! Woo hoo! (I know this is kind of a shit story, but I tried.)
  2. Rose Matafeo's stand up show, 'Sassy Best Friend'. I saw it on Friday night as part of the Auckland Comedy Festival and I cried (from laughing). I feel a bit bad putting this up here now because her last show was actually last night so you can't really see it BUT my friend Paul Williams is doing his show, 'Summertime Love' from the 16th to the 20th of May and I am going to assume it's going to be just as good (he's nominated for a Billy T Award!) and tell you to buy a ticket now. This isn't really related to the show, but below is a video to a Paul Williams song. 
  3. Nu Fone Hu Dis? (I got a new phone!) 
  4. I saw a Grabaseat to Japan and I bought it. Not going for a little while but if you have any great Tokyo or Kyoto codes that no one would have told me already, please hit me up!


  1. The NZ - USA dollar exchange rate. Specifically the fact that anything you buy always ends up costing you more than you thought, even when you worked it out beforehand.
  2. Why won't my phone sync to my fucking computer?
  3. Why won't Auckland Transport let me park in my driveway?
  4. On Easter weekend I was sitting in my parked car, on my phone (common for me, not weird) and then suddenly I hear this thump, and I look up and some kid has thrown a buttered hot cross bun at my car (intentionally or not, I will never know) and it has landed, face down on the windscreen, slides down about 5cm and stays stuck there. About four metres away, three kids (10-15 years old) are standing there, staring. One runs over and starts yelling at me, "sorry miss!" and attempts to wipe off the buttery smeared crumbs, whilst I am simultaneously waving my hand at him saying "it's fine! Don't worry! It's all good, just go, don't worry!" in this attempt to seem like a cool adult like, 'oh, I'm so chill that this does not even bother me one bit! I'm so chill!' (This is a story for another day, but school kids in packs intimidate the shit out of me, I just wanted him to leave.) Anyway, the low of this week is that the hot cross bun remnants are still on my car, and Easter was 3 weeks ago. 
  5. This didn't happen this week but I dropped a 90% full glass bottle of  $63.00 Aesop cleanser on the floor, it smashed and I'm still sad about it. This is why I can't have nice things. 
  6. The word 'hubby'. 

"Where are my sentimental girls who don't talk 'bout dick size, 'cause that shit's kind of yuck" - lol.