Welcome to Rally

Welcome to Rally


Lani: Kath, we have to do this intro thing.

Kath: Is it weird that we are sitting next to each other and doing this?

Lani: Yup.

Kath: Lol. The question I have got the most about Rally, is "What is it about?"

Lani: Oh man. WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

Kath: I dunno, it's hard to say you're starting a blog these days because it feels like everything's been done before, or said before, and nothing is original and everything sucks.  

You know?  Not like back in the good old days of 2010.

When no one had a blog and no one was going to one up you with their blog posts about the 5 best things to wear to Summer Festivals


Can we call it now, and say Rally is not going to be about the 5 best things to wear to Summer Festies.

Lani: LOL. Yup. Definitely.

Kath: I feel bad doing this via chat because I type a lot, and fast. And now it looks like I am talking too much and you aren't.


Lani: OK, so I've had it in my head that I wanted to join up with you and do this for awhile, cos I thought it'd be cool, we do different stuff,but I think we'd compliment each other, ya know? I'm interested in telling other peoples stories, and I think I do a good job of that. And you do a really good job of telling personal stories, and have a great perspective on fashion, and you just have a mean eye for shit. So mayyybe it's like a combo of that? Whoa. That's quite long.

Kath: LOL. I feel like Rally is just Lani Says and KIA combined and exists because we are both too lazy to maintain our individual blogs.


Lani: Hahahaha. OK, OK. It's true, you're right. 

But without all that other wack shit that we got sick of doing, or did just cos we felt we had to do. To like, post something up just cos we hadn't posted in 3 weeks.

Kath: This seems like a good time to tell people that we have been sitting in the same room for over two hours and have only gotten this far with one blog post.

But yeah, less wack stuff.

Lani: "Less wack stuff" is a good tag line I feel.  

Lani and Katherine, 2017.

Lani and Katherine, 2017.

Katherine and Lani (and others) in the earliest photo of both of us we could find, 2011. 

Katherine and Lani (and others) in the earliest photo of both of us we could find, 2011. 

Kath: I kind of want to write stuff I used to write about, like back in the day I used to write whatever I wanted and then in the last few years it got kind of grim, like, I would feel like I had to write about something because the PR girl was nice and the product was you know, okay but I didn't care about it, but I would feel obliged so I would be like 'omg x brand is doing this great collab... you should all go and buy it...'

And inside I would be like "I hate myself."

Lani: I definitely don't don't wanna do that.

Kath: And then I would look at other blogs and see that kind of shit and be like 'this is stupid, no one cares'.

Lani: Yeah, OK so none of that shit. No wack shit and no shit just for the sake of it.

Kath: Do we have to ask each other if something is wack before we post it?

Lani: Yeah, I reckon ay.'

Kath: My favourite kind of blog posts are those ones where I pillage my past and just overshare really badly about my personal life because those are the easiest to write. It's kind of therapeutic but also kind of sad at the same time LOL.

Lani: Nah I love that shit.

I'm gonna be serious for a lil bit and say I def wanna tell more stories about people like us, who look like us, who may not necessarily get represented in mainstream outlets. I feel like that's what I always wanted to do with Lani Says but got sidetracked somehow.


Kath: Like right now I am eating Pana Chocolate, which is not real chocolate, it's like raw and organic and dairy and gluten free with no refined sugar. Is this wack? 

Lani: We've said wack way too many times.


OK. So, past pillaging, some serious interviews and some Buzzfeed style posts.

Kath: I feel like you will always be a bit more serious than me because you are an actual qualified journalist.

Lani: Maybe I just have no imagination.

Kath: I am here for the Buzzfeed style '3 pairs of shoes I could buy for the price of one pair of Gucci Jordaan Loafers' posts lol. 

Kath: I wish we had a photo of this right now.

Lani: Is this where we insert a selfie? Or nah.

Kath: I don't know if the quality of a selfie is up to the level of Rally.

Lani: We're actually taking this very seriously we haven't spoken to each other in ages. Out loud, I mean.

Kath: Rally is like a solid name, I feel like I'm going to have to really focus hard to not write bullshit posts.

Lani: OK. So Rally only accepts quality images. Good to know.

Kath: And spellcheck.

Lani: Quality images, non-bullshit posts. We're getting somewhere.

Kath: Nah, I am actually a fantastic speller.

Lani: You spelt fantastic wrong.


Kath: Quality images, non-bullshit posts, hopefully lots of honesty without too much offense.

Is it offence or offense, fml.

Lani: It's offence cos we're not Americans.

Kath: I guess the main thing here is, we aren't relying on this blog for income, we can write whatever we like WE ARE IN CHARGE AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU CAN GET FUCKED.




Kath: Do we swear on the site?

Lani: Definitely.

Kath: Do we write swear words or *** them?

Lani: Nah full on swears I reckon.

Kath: Maybe our site is R18.


Lani: Like alcohol sites, you gotta enter your birth date before reading on.

Kath: LOL yes, we are like Tavi's website but for not teenagers.

Lani: Cos we all know anyone under 18 doesn't swear.

Kath: We ain't Rookies no more, cos we old as fuck.

Lani: Yup. Are we going to die soon?

Kath: Maybe.

Lani: Well, I feel like this has reached it's natural conclusion.

Kath: I want everyone to know that that is your favourite joke, and you always laugh at it.

The one where you tell a story and then just end it with "and they died".

Lani: Yeah, I'm laughing right now. Sorry.

Kath: Maybe we could make T-shirts.

Lani: It seems like something that people would wear in The Leftovers. Great show.

Kath: What if we only have one reader and it is my Mom.

Lani: Your Dad will read it too, surely.

Kath: LOL. The end. Should we start talking in real life now?

Lani: Okeh.

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