4 Great Gifts You Can Get Delivered In Time for Christmas If You Order This Weekend

4 Great Gifts You Can Get Delivered In Time for Christmas If You Order This Weekend

James K Lowe Original Limited Edition Print, available now.  Photo/James K Lowe. 

James K Lowe Original Limited Edition Print, available now. Photo/James K Lowe. 

There are precisely 10 working days left until Christmas. 10 working days, and 16 actual days - I've calculated - to pour money into buying gifts for your loved (and in some cases, not so loved) ones for a holiday that you probably don't really even believe in, just because society tells you that's what you should do. Hooray!

But hey, who am I to talk? Whilst I really believe that, I actually like to buy and give gifts to people I like so there you go, I'm a big, fat hypocrite.

Now we have that out of the way, I just wanted to share with you some things I personally think are cool, special gifts that would be great for your cool, special people in your lives this Christmas.

I know this isn't very on brand for Rally but I do honestly think these gifts are cool and I would personally be so excited to receive any of them! I have purchased from each of these brands previously, whether for myself or others so I know they're good. Also, people tell me I'm great at gifts all the time, so you can trust me! Also, all the things I've mentioned can be ordered online from the comfort of your home, so you don't even have to brave the shops! 

There's a catch, though: all of these things basically need to be ordered this weekend if you want them delivered in time for Christmas Day... so on that note, get shopping!


For the discerning member of the family/extra special someone, I think it is nice to buy art. The thing is, original artworks can be very expensive and not everyone out here is a baller, so here we are: my brother, James K. Lowe, has created three special limited edition (25 of each) prints that will be signed and numbered for each lucky customer, so when he dies, they will probably be worth a heap. 

My brother is not just some kid who is good at instagram. He is a legit photographer. I'm not just saying that because we are related, look him up. (I actually just tried to find the list of accolades and press he has received but he took it off his website so you'll just have to trust me.) 

The three photographs (pictured) were taken in Japan and each print is 11 x 13", and for the nerds, it's a 'Digitized negative inkjet printed on semi-gloss archival paper'. 

You can buy one from here, but they're only on sale until the end of this weekend so you need to get one now! Especially if you want it shipped in time for Christmas. Each print is NZ$220, which includes shipping within NZ. 

Do it!!! Go in with your sibling and get the forest one for your dad! 



Now, I know what you're thinking, and yes, a Realisation Par dress is kind of basic and basic girls wear them but think about this: aren't we all a little bit basic deep down? 

Realisation Par are the makers of the quintessential summer dress, and we in New Zealand, are apparently in for the best summer of our lives so there is no better time to grab one for your girlfriend/sister/daughter/friend. My personal favourites are the 'Kate' style (top right) because it's a classic, the Teale (top left and bottom middle) because my friend has it and she looks great in it so now I think maybe if I get it I will look great in it, and the Emilie Shibuya (bottom right). 

Check 'em out for yourself (if you haven't already) here. Shipping for them is 4-7 working days internationally, and sometimes orders take 1-2 days to process, so if you want one in time, order now! Dresses range from US$160-225 and shipping is a flat US$15 worldwide. (Note: I have recently purchased one of these and the shipping process was actually very good, highly recommend). 




Now this is a special one: a bespoke dried floral arrangement. Mark Antonia Ltd create these by hand in their studio in Kingsland. They can customise them to suit, so if your dad is super into blue, they can paint the leaves blue, and use blue flowers, etc. 

I've actually purchased one of these before as a gift and I think it's great. It's like buying someone a bunch of flowers but the flowers are on crack, they're next level. 

One thing: if you want to custom an arrangement for someone for Christmas, you need to get your order in by 11 December which is Monday, so basically you have to do it this weekend. Arrangements start at NZ$125 without the vase. You can order them here. If you're not as flush, Mark Antonia Ltd also make these little modern potpourri jars which are NZ$59 and very lovely. 




Now this is a tricky one because each Meadowlark Micro Round Ring is handmade to order, and takes 2-3 weeks to dispatch which means you're really cutting it fine to get in time for Christmas, but I think if you're super fast and you and order it now, it might just happen.

This might seem like quite a plain ring but I am quite a plain girl so this is so my kind of thing. Simple, and elegant. You can get it made with various stones but I think a 9ct gold ring with a morganite stone is pretty cool, you know? Just a bit different and not as boring as your standard white diamond. 

Prices start at NZ$169 but vary based on materials. You can order it here. 




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