Highs and Low(e)s

  Xiao Wen Ju.  Photo/Jumbo Tsui for    Grazia China   , March 2016. 

Xiao Wen Ju. Photo/Jumbo Tsui for Grazia China, March 2016. 


  1. I'm so late to TV shows but has anyone seen Ozark?! 
  2. I came across this Sending Love website via twitter and I think everyone should do it. Basically you write a Christmas card to an elderly person that might be lonely this Christmas. 
  3. Did anyone else go to Drake? Production value INCRED. 
  4. Did anyone else go to Lorde? Always incred.
  5. It is boring to talk about the weather but it was so good this week it's hard not to mention it. 


  1. Twice this week I have completed a task that I have been procrastinating doing (for example, one was writing a 450 word article) and accidentally lost the work and had to redo it. I do realise this is my own fault for not saving but it is THE WORST!
  2. People who don't turn off lights in rooms that they aren't using. Leave the toilet seat up all you like, IDGAF but TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!
  3. When you text someone asking if they are available to do a job, and they say 'I should be'. I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before, but what the hell does 'SHOULD' mean? Make a decision! Are you free or not? 
  4. Trying on swimsuits ahead of summer. 
  5. Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale emails. Get away from me! Don't you know I'm paying off my credit card?? Don't you know I'm trying to live debt-free?