Highs and Low(e)s

  Sophie Koella for  Unconditional  magazine. Photo/Alexandra Nataf

Sophie Koella for Unconditional magazine. Photo/Alexandra Nataf


  1. Bic Runga's 'Drive' 20th Anniversary tour. Part of me doesn't really want to admit that I remember the Drive album first time 'round because it lets people know how old I am but I do remember it and it has always held a special place in my heart and I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THE SHOW! 
  2. Yesterday Ben and I had the whole day off with no obligations (that is, no childcare (Ben has a kid we have half the week but this weekend he was away with his mom), and no chores/errands to do), so we both went to the gym (separate gyms, lol) and then met up for coffee at Coffee Pen (have you been yet? It's really good), and then in the afternoon we went to L'Atelier Du Fromage, chose some cheese and charcuterie and had a platter outside in the sun with wine like REAL ADULTS and then an afternoon nap in the sun and then at around 9pm we went to Saan for dinner and it was really delicious IT WAS THE BEST. FOOD. DAY. EVER! Highly recommend all the above eateries. 
  3. Transparent. If you're not watching it, get onto it. 
  4. Shenanigan is back! 


  1. Why am I so tired all of the time now? It's like daylight savings happened, and I've not recovered since.
  2. You know how I did a Ketogenic Diet for seven weeks? I went to the doctor afterwards, just to see everything was all good. She told me to get a blood test, but because I'm scared of needles, I didn't go for ages. Anyway, I ended up doing the blood test a couple of weeks ago and I got a voice message on my phone last week from my doctor telling me that she thinks I have high cholesterol and probably from the diet! She told me to go in and talk about it with her but I basically listened to the message and deleted it like a really mature adult who deals with their problems. Then I got a letter in the mail with my actual results and I just put it in my bag then went and got a pie for lunch, it's been downhill since then.
  3. Have you seen this yet?  Reading about all these terrible experiences people in the fashion industry have had/are having is giving me anxiety. I think it is fantastic that Cameron Russell has given people a platform and that people are feeling safe enough to be able to share their stories, but it is also so depressing to know all this shit is happening.
  4. Christmas is coming... 
Katherine Lowe