Snacks and Chats s03 e05 - Chelsea Jade

Snacks and Chats is back with a one-off episode to end the year, with our favourite musician of 2018 - Chelsea Jade. We caught up with her not long after she released her album of clever pop bangers, Personal Best. She talks to us about how she almost quit being an artist when she moved to LA, learning not to torture herself and others when writing, overcoming the toxic nature of jealousy, and all the good tears she’s shed from working with a roomful of women engineers, producers and songwriters - and how nurturing and needed that kind of experience is for other women in the music industry.

please stop asking me WHEN i’m going to have kids

Is there something in the air? Is it because it’s Spring now? Why do people feel like it’s all good to assume because you’re in a relationship, that you’re just biding time before you can have kids? It’s awesome if you want them, but surely it’s also awesome if you don’t?! Why does everyone think it’s funny if you say you’re not really into it? I mean, what if it’s not possible for you to have children?! Last time I checked it was 2018. Is it not rude, yet, to ask women these questions?

Apparently not.

Highs and Low(e)s

This time in Highs and Low(e)s: Self-mutilation gone RIGHT (?!), speaking things into existence, models, and Fortnite - the game that ends relationships.

Highs and Low(e)s

This week in Highs and Low(e)s: so starts the winter Youtube hole, vanity sizing, ‘geriatric’ pregnancies, transporting a placenta and mattress toppers.

What do you feel when you watch JessB's Set It Off video?

“This video is a message to say, “Hey, we’re here, we’ve BEEN here and we’re not going anywhere!!” Personally, I feel it is the MOST important message … That’s how much this video means to me. It means VISIBILITY. It means being role models to our brown babies. It means acceptance. It means being different is OKAY.”

Snacks and Chats S03 E04 - Omar bin Musa

Omar bin Musa is an Australian-Malaysian poet, writer, rapper, screenwriter and our first international guest on Snacks and Chats.

He talks with us about the experience of growing up brown, Asian and Muslim in Australia and how learning about Muhammad Ali changed the entire course of his life - from learning to love his brown skin to discovering hip hop. We also talk about how he transferred feelings of fury and frustration into his debut novel Here Come the Dogs, and the pain he poured into his latest album, 'Since Ali Died'.

The end of summer

Because it's been getting a little cooler and the sun hasn't been as strong, it's been a great time to shoot. We have this Australian model in town at the moment. Her name is Sabine and this is a little bit of a strange thing to say but she has an incredible energy. I met her and I understand the meaning of 'positive aura'. I asked my brother James if he would do a few pics of her and of course he delivered.