Highs and Low(e)s, Feb 18 2018

It's 3:03pm on Sunday the 18th of February, which is, fun fact: a day before my high school ex boyfriend's birthday, and three days after my current boyfriend's (and six days after my mom's). More importantly, the 18th of February 2018 is over a month since the last time either Lani or I posted on this site, the thought of which is giving me a mild level of anxiety.

Snacks and Chats S03E03 - JAHRA WASASALA

We spoke with Jahra 'Rager' Wasasala shortly after she'd performed her solo 'a world, with your wound in it' and the group show ORCHIDS at the Tempo Dance Festival. She spoke about the come-down after performing such works following years of prep, the conflicting tension that comes with the question 'where are you from'?, the problem with terms like Polynesian and Melanesian, not being afraid as an artist, the challenges of training institutions for young creatives, her mantra ‘The world as a woman’s body’, the creative influence of her mother and much, much more.

4 Great Gifts You Can Get Delivered In Time for Christmas If You Order This Weekend

I know it isn't very on brand for Rally to do what is essentially a 'gift guide' but I do honestly think these gifts are cool! I would love any one of them! Also, people tell me I'm great at gifts all the time, so you can trust me! Also, all the things I've mentioned can be ordered online from the comfort of your home, so you don't even have to brave the shops! 

(There's a catch, though: all of these things basically need to be ordered this weekend if you want them delivered in time for Christmas Day... so on that note, get reading!)

Snacks and Chats s03e02 - Rose Matafeo

Comedian Rose Matafeo talks to Lani & Ben about living in Ponsonby before and after it was gentrified, going to AGGs, being an afakasi Samoan, making TV shows, going off the pill, missing U Live, definitely winning an Oscar one day and her impending sense of doom.

Snacks and Chats s03e01 - JessB

Snacks and Chats s03 kicks off with rapper JessB talking about her struggle with identity while growing up half-Kenyan and adopted into a white family in NZ. We also talk about her rap career and how Hip Hop helped her become comfortable with herself. 

PSUSY Interview

The web-series PSUSY is funny and messed up. Like a short, sharp fever-dream, or waking up the morning after a big night out and being bombarded with horrifying, sweaty flashbacks of all the weird and terrible things you did the night before. I caught up with the show’s two leads the morning after their Season 2 launch party.

The secret diary of katherine lowe, aged 33 and 1 week*

I am 33, and I am feeling it. Every day I wake up - late, I stare at my 33 year old face in the mirror. My 33 year old face with its 33 year old skin that for some reason, still gets acne although I am long, long past puberty. I get into my car, I drive to work. I am 33 but I am on my Restricted License. Why? Because I'm scared of failing. If I don't attempt to sit my Full License, I can never fail.